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The PREM project
princeThe FCE is very glad to confirm the participation in the Romanian development- project “PREM - Preparing a Romanian Village for EU Membership”, 2002 – 2005, in cooperation with the State of Norway.

Within the framework of the PREM-Project in cooperation with the Norwegian Riksantikvaren Directorate for Cultural Heritage the FCE will plan, organize and supervise activities for improved upkeep of cultural landscape by establishing a first model farm in the area. The model farm will be run as an educational demonstration facility, open to all farmers and other interested persons. The FCE will administrate the establishment and manage the model farm; supervise the local workers and make sure – with the help of its agricultural advisory services - that the local population acquire ideas and skills from the operation of the model farm based o­n traditional farming.

48 romania-06-2003 073It is gratifying that the work of the foundation in Romania has found great interest even internationally. An important cooperation partner here is the Mihai Eminescu Trust, which has put its main emphasis o­n the field of urban and rustic development in the Transylvanian area for many years as well as o­n the preservation of the unique historical architecture of the Saxon villages connected with interesting reconstruction projects.

Together with the Mihai Eminescu Trust the foundation was able to implement successful consultancy- and cultivation activities in the field of fruit-growing and to develop a productive form of interchange and cooperation. The fruit plantations which are also looked after by the foundation as well as the rose project were written o­n several visiting programms of HRH Prince Charles of Wales, patron of biological cultivation and royal patron of the Mihai Eminescu Trust, and found his great approval.

Together with the Mihai Eminescu Trust the Norwegian ministry of foreign affairs, represented by the Directorate for Cultural Heritage (Riksantikvaren), in the framework of the international PREM-project now could be won for a cooperation in the year 2002. PREM stands for „Preparing Romanian villages for EU-Membership” and it connects the preservation of valuable cultural heritage with the practical restoration of villages and the creation of lasting places of work.

Each of the participating organizations takes over particular tasks in the bounds of the PREM-project, which extend from the preservation and care for the cultural and scenic heritage of the region, the practical restoration of the Saxon farmyards upon the consultancy of the communes regarding urban development to the creation of appropriate social structures and work places in the field of ecological agriculture.

hofl_1During the project course it turned out that it was necessary to train and qualify the participating farmers properly in the field of biodynamic cultivation. Amongst various measures in the fields of education and training here is to the fore the concept of setting-up of model farm yard for biological dynamic cultivation. The model farm serves as practical illustrative example in the framework of the PREM-project for ecological agriculture including special cultivation just like the cultivation of roses. Besides the cultivation of regional products like wheat, corn and lucerne as well as the fostering of the rose plantations it is also the task to give a selection of further cultivation possibilities which can be evaluated and exemplary applied in the frameworks of an integral farming concept.
Stiftung Media und FCE unterstützen biologische Landwirtschaft in Siebenbürgen
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