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Cultura si Ecologie

Str. Mihai Eminescu nr. 4-7
551018 Mediaş, Jud. Sibiu

Laslea Modelfarm
The first FCE-owned model farm in the frameworks of the PREM project could be finished in September 2003 before the break of the cold season. The farmer and the CIM-expert for biological dynamic cultivation, who is also living o­n the farm yard, had moved into the carefully and o­n traditional methods restored building. An own seminar room serves the educational task of the project. A tractor und agricultural machinery were obtained, first works in the free area have been carried out.

The first FCE-model farm was located in the community of Laslea and corresponds in every respect the traditional conception of Saxon style farm yards. In order to multiply the efforts for biodynamic agriculture FCE has transferred the Laslea Modelfarm to a group of young agriculturists from Brasov who continue working on biodynamic methods in Laslea, while FCE is focussing on next projects in the region.
Stiftung Media und FCE unterstützen biologische Landwirtschaft in Siebenbürgen
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