FCE Fundatia pentru
Cultura si Ecologie

Str. Mihai Eminescu nr. 4-7
551018 Mediaş, Jud. Sibiu


rumkirchenburgIn January 2000 the FCE was founded in Medias, Romania. The FCE grew out of more than 10 continuous years of practical work in Romania. This work was organized through the German partner foundation “Stiftung Media”, which is located near Stuttgart in Germany. Since 1991 the Media Foundation has been able to give continual support with the task of rebuilding social structures in Romania.
  • The Media foundation was able to send more than 100 tons of relief supplies to Romania with its own trucks and drivers.
  • Under the principle of aid for self-help, new and used clothes have been delivered, to be restored, cleaned and marketed in Romania, thus helping new businesses to get started.
  • Tractors and reaping machines were sent. Necessary hospital supplies were delivered, among other things a great number of hospital beds.
  • A complete dentist`s office was brought to the region.
  • A telephone system for the city offices of Medias was installed.
  • Six garbage trucks and more than 20.000 garbage cans were organized, to help to solve the city of Medias’ garbage problems.
  • All this was done with the aim of supporting people, groups and organizations in Romania to develop future places of work and healthier social structures.

The essential, most basic ideal o­n which FCE is found, is the understanding and recognition that every man’s actions are not o­nly determined from outside pressures, be they traditional, economical or political, but also that he is free to act out of his own knowledge and responsibility. Another important ideal is the understanding that everybody carries a high responsibility for the ecological environment. The aim here is to restore and maintain a healthier environment to live in.
Stiftung Media und FCE unterstützen biologische Landwirtschaft in Siebenbürgen
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