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Roses in Transylvania
Rose jam and other delicacies

Hof03The organic farm in Boiu is closely connected with another of the Foundation's projects in Transylvania, namely the organic cultivation of scented roses of the "Rosa damascena" variety in the Mediaş-Sighisoara region. In partnership with the German firm of Wala Heilmittel GmbH a number of rose plantings were carried out in collaboration with a whole group of farmers, and a distillation plant for the production of rose oil was set up.

Although the cultivation of roses for distillation purposes has since proved to be uneconomic and the distillation plant has been dismantled, so many rose bushes continue to grow on the 6 hectares of land still owned by the Foundation that the processing of the roses for other purposes has become a worthwhile proposition.

Rosen27For instance, as many as 4,500 jars annually of our well-known Transylvanian rose jam, some marvellous rose tea blends and, in a special condensation and drying plant, roses in bloom and rosebuds, are now produced for later export.

The majority of the rose plantings this year were cultivated by local Roma, then hoed and cut back, and finally harvested in June. In this way, we were able to make a small but highly significant  contribution to the economic wellbeing of this local ethnic group, which had been suffering almost 100% unemployment.

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